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1. Load 16.2 version Now Before April 30, 2017 (16.2 Feature List –
Page No. 8).
2. Update HSN Code / GST No. in your data, Implement as given in Tax
Updates (Page No. : 2 ).
3. Download latest version


How to update Data in UniSolve Software for preparing about GST

1. Update GST No. in all Customers. To take input credit, GST No. of customer is
compulsory to be available at supplier end.
2. Update GST No. in all Suppliers. To match input credit, Supplier GST No. is
3. Update HSN in product master. For annual turnover upto 5 crore, two digit HSN
(Harmonised System of Nomenclature) code is required for products. For >5
crore turnover, Four digit HSN code is required for products. In India HSN Code
may be upto eight digits.
Most of HSN Code Can be found in following chapter.
3002, 3003, 3004 For Pharmaceutical
3005 For Bandage etc.
9018 For syringes etc.
3306, 3307, 9603, 9616 For Soaps, Hygiene Products, Cosmetics etc.
1905 For Biscuits
4. Generate invoice format for GST and get it customized as per your requirement.

PAN No. Requirement
1. For cash transactions above Rs. Two Lacs, (Cash sales & cash receipts), an
information report is to be submitted with PAN no. of customer.
2. PAN No. should be updated in customer master and supplier master for all parties.
3. If you do not need PAN No. please mention NA in PAN column.
4. If you want to collect Form 64, please mention Form 64 Due in PAN column.
5. If you receive Form 64, please mention 64(2016-17) in PAN column.
6. If you delay to collect PAN till the transaction amount reaches Rs. Two Lacs,
you are provoking the customer to switch supplier as soon as Rs. Two Lac limit
is reached.
7. Please make sure that PAN is correct. You may verify PAN on net on income-tax
department website and other such sites.

GST Returns (GST Network or GSTN)
Monthly three GST returns are filed through GST Network which can be connected
with your software by paying annual charges.

1. For B2B transactions, (Customers having GST No.), invoice list is to be uploaded
with HSN and sales value, tax value.
2. Purchases are to be populated from GSTN and to be checked against actual
purchases. It is uploaded by your suppliers.
3. If any discrepancy is found in populated purchases from GSTN, it is to be reported
to GSTN.
Challan to be generated by GSTN after providing input credit as per purchases reported
in GSTN.
An annual return is to be filed by the month of December in following year.
Minimum 49 transactions with GSTN are required for each GST registered dealer.
(12 Months * 3 Returns + Challan) and Annual Return.
General Information about GST (GOODS & SERVICE TAX)
Any transaction such as Sale, Transfer, Barter, Exchange, License, Rental, Lease Disposal
made or agreed to be made, and Importation of Service - Whether or not for supply
will be treated as Taxable event will be liable for GST.


1. Central Excise Duty/Central Sales Tax 2. Service tax
3. Special additional Duty on Customs (SAD) 4. Additional Excise Duty
5. Additional Custom Duty known as CVD 6. Cess/Surcharges

1. VAT/SALES TAX 2. Luxury tax
3. State Cesss & Surcharges 4. Entertainment Tax
5. Taxes on lottery, Betting & gambling 6. Entry tax/Octroi

1. The date on which the goods are removed by the supplier or received by the
recipient or made available to the recipient.
2. The date on which supplier issues the Invoice
3. The date on which the payment is received whichever is earlier will be treated as time of supply & liable for tax.

1. CGST : Inter State sale of Goods & Services
2. SGST : Sale within the state
3. IGST : Interstate sales



Input Credit on existing Stock will be available but the details are not super clear.

How to Fill RETURN

GSTR1- outward supplies made by the dealer - 10th of next month
GSTR2 - Inward supplies received by the dealer - 15TH of next month
GSTR3 - Monthly return of taxable liability - 20th of next month
GSTR4 - Quarterly return by compounding dealer - 18th of next month of Quarter
GSTR8 - Annual return - 31st December of next FY

• Will provide you option to upload these returns for UNISOLVE/CROSS.
• Charges may be applicable as GST Service Provider (GSP) will charge.

It will be a 15 digit no containing the following:
1-2 State Code
3-12 PAN NO

You may get more information using following links :

New changes in Unisolve 16.2

New Changes in UniSolve 16.2 Version

1. Report Server (Generate Report faster on Node Systems)
2. Software run with Static IP (All Reports from Remote in Online Mode)
3. All Reports in Graphical User Interface
4. Windows 64 Bit Compatibility
5. Direct E-Mail/SMS available in Software
6. Vat Forms can be exported to excel for e-filing Returns
7. Multiple screens can be opened for Sales Invoice & other data entry screens on same machine.
8. All Reports can be printed on Laser/Dot Matrix Printer
9. Re-Organized Menu Structure & User Rights
10. Support Center to connect Customer Care
11. NDPS Sales & Purchase Statement
12. Export all reports in PDF/Excel Format
13. Sales/Purchase Return Handling
14. Set Screen Resolution as per choice with CTRL+ to increase & CTRL- to decrease.
15. Column Set as per Requirement
16. PAN No. auto updation option when make Cash Sales Invoice.
17. Invoice Attribute for Institutional Sales
18. Lock Vat Reports
19. Invoice Attributes to mark particular sales/purchase invoices.
20. Laser Format with Logo & Font
21. Run Software on Windows TAB also with Touch Screen.
22. GST Handling
23. TCS Handling
24. Common Package (Wholesale + Retail)
25. Verify Receipt for Mobile Users
26. Product Attribute to mark particular products in reports.

New Links in HELP Menu :
1. Seedhi Baat
2. Tax Updates
3. User Manual (Training Guide)
4. Check List Documents in Help Menu
5. The client also Fetch/Update our Detail through Fetch/Update My detail option
in Utility Menu.
6. Support Center (To Log your Problems)

New changes in Unisolve 15.1

·         All Reports in Windows Style
·         Version on 64 Bit Systems
·         E-Mail/SMS 
·         E-Milan
·         Vat Forms on XML Format.
·         Invoice Formats & All Reports - print on Laser Printing.

Extra Feature:

·         Sales Order through Android/Windows Phones.
·         MIS View (Design any Report Format)

·         I-Sales, I-Purchase

Unisolve 14.1

Some major changes/improvements we have done in UniSolve 14.1 version 

1. Now Version can be used on 64 Bit Systems
2. E-Mail/SMS 
3. E-Milan
4. MIS View (Design any Report Format)
5. Vat Forms on XML Format.
6. Invoice Formats on XML Format.
7. Menu Screen changed to Windows style 
8. Multiple screens for Sales Invoice & other data entry screens on same machine.

For better speed on Lan, please run setup on every node & Run EXE through local drive.

Update for Schedule H1 Products

To maintain Schedule H1 products and can print Schedule H1 Details, following changes are being done in Unisolve version 13.2:

1.      Schedule Master: Now in this new version, new master is added: “Schedule Master” in System->Master Data->Product. In this option you can enter Schedule “H1 / H / X / L / C / C1 / D / E / Other” schedules.

2.      Changes in Generic Master: Option to select Schedule (H1) in System->Master Data->Product->Generic Master. New field Schedule is added in Generic Master for this purpose.

3.      Option to Update Generic Name in Product Master: - You can quickly update the Product Generic Names in Products master with using System->Facility->Update Generic/Category option. Select a Generic name and then select all products having same generic name. No need to modify each product for this purpose.

4.      You can get Schedule H1 Report from Reports-> Sales Reports -> Schedule wise Sales Details Report as per the following format:

S. No.
Bill No.
Patient Name
Prescribe Dr. Name &
Full Address
Name of Drug
Batch No.

As there is no option for Patient Name or Dr. Name, only Retailer Name and Drug License no. will be printed in Unisolve.

S. No.
Bill No.
Customer Name
D.L. No. & Full Address
Name of Drug
Batch No.

You will have an option to print schedule name H1 in invoice in front of or before all the items belonging to H1 schedule.

This new version will be available soon. Please feel free to send your suggestions if any to further improve Unisolve.

Changes in Unisolve 13.1

Major Changes done in UniSolve 13.1 version

1. Series Implementation
2. Import CSV Master (Import any CSV, Excel & Note Pad File)
3. MIS View (Design any Report Format)
4. Bar Code Facility
5. DPCO Products Handling

Friday, November 16, 2012

Changes in Unisolve 12.2

  1. Option to Lock Re-Print of Sales Invoice: Now you can lock the invoice for printing once it is printed. For this please select “Y” in System->System Maintenance->System Parameters-> Default Values-> Locked Printed S. Inv. (Question No. 20).
  2. Option to Export Cr./Dr. Note in Close Financial Year: Now at the time of Closing Financial Year, you can also transfer Cr./Dr. and Replacement Notes to new year that are made with “Posting A/c = N ” & “Adjust In Invoice = N”.
  3. Changes in Supplier Master: Now you can enter the Transport Name, Bank Name & Supplier A/c No. information in Supplier Master.
  4. Option to enter Food License No. in Customer/Supplier Master: Now you can enter the Food License No. in Customer & Supplier Master.
  5. Option to update Category in Product Master: Now you can update the Category in all Products of a Company at once. Please use “Update Category (Product)” option from System->Facilities menu to do the same.
  6. Option to chat with another user: Now while using Unisolve, you can also chat with other users in your network. To do the same you can use “Chat” option from System->Help menu.
  7. Local Dealer Information: Now your can get the information of our local dealer from  System->Help->Dealers Network option.
  8. New Reports added in Mail Scheduler: Now you can send following more reports through Mail/SMS Scheduler:
            1. Customer Product wise Sales
            2. Group wise Sales
            3. Group Customer wise Sales
            4. Product wise Sales
            5. Product Customer wise Sales
9. Master Group, Group, Shelf ID wise Invoice Summary: Now you can get the Invoice Summary report available in Sales Menu, on the basis of Master Group, Group & Shelf ID.
10. Option to print only Printed or Non Printed Bills in Invoice Summary: Now you can get the details of Printed or Non Printed invoices in Invoice Summary option available in Sales menu.
11. Option to print Customer’s Current Balances in Sales Challan:  
            Now you can also print Customer’s Current Balance in Sales Challan.
12. Option to print all Sales Invoices of a Sales Person: Now you can print all Sales Invoices of a particular sales person with date range selection option. Option to define Sales Person code & date range is given in Printing Parameters that appears when  you press Alt-P keys to print any sales invoice.
13. Option to print Payment Received Date in Payment Status Bills: Now you can also print Payment Received date in Sales-> Payment Status of Bills option. To print the same please select “Y” on Print Payment received Date after pressing Ctrl+P keys. This is a very useful option where sales person wise bills are created in cash & cash is collected by the sales person at the time of delivering the goods.
14.Option to enter Remarks in Receipt Entry: Now you can also enter the Remarks in Receipt Entry.
15.Option to lock Sales Invoice No. & Date: Now it will not allow to change Invoice No. & Date in data entry operator mode. Now due to this lock users with data entry operator mode will not be able to make invoices in back date.
16.New Variables to print Pan No. & TDS No. in Sales Invoice: Now you can print PAN & TDS No. using mpanno, mtdsacno variables in sales invoice .  
17. Multi Sales Person selection in Check List: Now you can get the check list of multiple sales persons. For this multi selection option is given in Sales->Check List option.
18. Showing Total Value of Pending Packing Slip/Challan: Now while converting pending Packing Slip/Challan to Invoices, it will also show the total value of pending packing slip/challan so that you can have an idea of the total value of the goods issued  to a particular party.
19.Show Net Rate while making Sales Invoice: Now if you want to show Net Rate in Sales Invoice while making Sales Invoice than please Select “Y” in “System->System Parameters->Default Values-> Show Net Rate” option.
20. Option to Re-Print Back Date Statement Of Bills: Now you can also print the previous statement which you have already given to your client. For this option Please enter “N” in “Generate New Statement” for print old Statement of Bills at the time of generating Statement of Bills report.
21.Showing Customer Station in Packing Slip Challan windows:  Now while converting Packing Slip/Challan to Sales Invoice, it will also show the Station of the party in the Customer List.
22. Option to Auto Select Last Sales Person Code in Sales Invoice: Now while making sales invoice in can carry forward the sales person defined in the previous sales invoice. To activate this option please select “Y” in System->System Parameters-> Other-> Sales Person C/f” (Question No. 16).
23. Option to Export Sales for AWACS: Now you can Export your Sales Data to AWACS. In this version this option is add in Dos Version as per Windows Version.
24. Option to Export Sales (Rural) for AWACS: Now you can Export your Rural Transaction Data to AWACS. In this version this option is add in Dos Version as per Windows Version.
25.Option to see Last Purchase/Sales Details in Purchase Order Form: Now while creating purchase order, you can check Last Purchase/Sales details using F12 & F6 keys in Purchase Order Form.
26.Option to enter Free Qty. in Auto Create Purchase Order: Now in Purchase Order you can also feed the Product scheme in Free Qty. column after entering the Purchase Qty while auto generating order in Purchase Order.
27.Option to show Supplier Name/Station on Purchase Order Table: Now provide you can use F12 key in Purchase Order List to see  Supplier Name & Station.
28.Option to show Product Current Balance in Purchase Order : Now while making purchase order, it will also show you the Product’s Current Balance at the bottom.
29. Provide a shortcut Key for Purchase Order: Now you can activate Purchase Order by Ctrl+F2 keys from any where in the program to enter the purchase order for any product.
30.Option to print G.R. No. & Transport Name in Return to Supplier: Now you can print the G.R. No. & Transport Name in Return to Supplier Note. This option is available in Auto Generated Invoice Format.
31. Auto Create option for Company wise Hold & Release option: Now you can generate Hold & Release entry Company wise. For this option while creating Hold & Release entry, it will ask Category, Company & Product List for selection.
32.Last Year Cr./Dr. Note not editable in Current Year: Now it will not allow you to edit those Cr./Dr./Return to Supplier Notes that are transferred from last year to current year.
33. Valuation Option in Dump Stock Report: In Dump Stock report now you can also get the valuation of stock along with the quantity. For this rate selection option has been given. Option to select group, product & category is also added in the report.
34.Showing Principal Code in Group Customer Bill Wise Report: Now it will also show you the Principal Code in Reports->Sales Reports->Group Customer Bill wise Report.
35.Option to Create Default Sales/Purchase Register as per Tax Types: Now while creating a new Firm it will automatically create Sales/Purchase Registers & Sales Summary as per the given Tax Types.
36.Showing Exp. Date in Product Query: Now in Product Query you can also check the Product’s Expiry Date in bottom line when you enter Product’s Receipts & Product’s Issue detail window.
37.Option to check Printed/Non Printed Bills in Daily Report: Now in daily report you will also be able to check Printed/Non Printed invoices. It will show you the number of invoices that are printed & non printed.
38.Option to check Product Bill wise given Scheme, Discount & Free Qty.: Now you can get the complete details of issued Schemes/Free Qty. & Discounts from Sales Discount Summary option available in Reports->Sales Reports menu.
39.Changes in Sales Reports: Now you can also Select & Print Category Wise Sales Reports from all Sales Reports menu. For this option Given Category Selection option in Sales Reports.
40.New Report added in Sales Report for Posting A/c wise: A new report is added in Sales Reports to check the Posting A/c (defined in customer master) wise Sales. For this option please select  “Posting A/c Product wise” option in Reports->Sales Reports menu. 
41.Category Wise Current Stock report: A new report is added in Inventory Reports menu to check the Category Product wise current stock. To get the same please select “Current Stock (Category Wise)” option in Reports->Inventory Details option.
42.Multi selection series available when Export Data in Tally: Now you can Export multiple Vouchers while Exporting Data to Tally. For this option Voucher series selection option is being given.
43.Option to Transfer Cheque Book List in new Financial Year: Now in this version all pending Cheques will be transferred to new year after Closing Financial Year.
44.Option to Transfer Form in new Financial Year: Now in this version all pending Form information will be transferred to new year after Closing Financial Year.
45.USB Printer & Node Printer Setting: If you working on lan & printer attached on Node & Purchase any new printer of USB Port, then In this new version you can set the Printer Setting through NET USE command. For this setting please enter your USB Port setting in Accounts->System->System Parameters-> Set Net Use LPT Port option & save the system parameters, after that Run NET Use Command for LPT through Accounts->Systems Menu.
46.New VAT form 10 A for Rajasthan: New VAT Form 10 for Rajasthan is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form VAT 10 A (New 2012) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Rajasthan) menu. 
47.New VAT form 10 for Rajasthan: New VAT Form 10 for Rajasthan is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form VAT 10 (New 2012) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Rajasthan) menu. 
48.New VAT form 11 for Rajasthan: New VAT Form 11 for Rajasthan is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form VAT 11 (New 2012) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Rajasthan) menu.
49.Option to Add free quantity value in All Rajasthan Vat Forms: New provide the option ‘Include Free qty Value (VAT)’ in all Rajasthan VAT Forms (7,7A,8,8A,10,10A,11).
New VAT Form D-XI (Purchase) for Bihar: New VAT Form D-XI (Purchase) for Bihar is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form D-XI (Purchase) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Others) menu.
51. New VAT Form 11 New for Jammu & Kashmir: New VAT Form 11 (New) for J&K is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form Vat 11 New (JK) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Others) menu.
52. E-Milan 2: You will be glad to know that AIOCD AWACS is coming up with a new project where the retailers will be able to upload their purchase order online using CROSS and wholesalers will be able to download the orders in Unisolve. The orders will be converted to Sales Invoices automatically and uploaded on web. Retailers will be able to download their invoices from the web in to CROSS.
E-Milan 2 project will save time required for data entry, will reduce the errors in data entry and will also enhance the delivery time  of goods.