Friday, November 16, 2012

Changes in Unisolve 12.2

  1. Option to Lock Re-Print of Sales Invoice: Now you can lock the invoice for printing once it is printed. For this please select “Y” in System->System Maintenance->System Parameters-> Default Values-> Locked Printed S. Inv. (Question No. 20).
  2. Option to Export Cr./Dr. Note in Close Financial Year: Now at the time of Closing Financial Year, you can also transfer Cr./Dr. and Replacement Notes to new year that are made with “Posting A/c = N ” & “Adjust In Invoice = N”.
  3. Changes in Supplier Master: Now you can enter the Transport Name, Bank Name & Supplier A/c No. information in Supplier Master.
  4. Option to enter Food License No. in Customer/Supplier Master: Now you can enter the Food License No. in Customer & Supplier Master.
  5. Option to update Category in Product Master: Now you can update the Category in all Products of a Company at once. Please use “Update Category (Product)” option from System->Facilities menu to do the same.
  6. Option to chat with another user: Now while using Unisolve, you can also chat with other users in your network. To do the same you can use “Chat” option from System->Help menu.
  7. Local Dealer Information: Now your can get the information of our local dealer from  System->Help->Dealers Network option.
  8. New Reports added in Mail Scheduler: Now you can send following more reports through Mail/SMS Scheduler:
            1. Customer Product wise Sales
            2. Group wise Sales
            3. Group Customer wise Sales
            4. Product wise Sales
            5. Product Customer wise Sales
9. Master Group, Group, Shelf ID wise Invoice Summary: Now you can get the Invoice Summary report available in Sales Menu, on the basis of Master Group, Group & Shelf ID.
10. Option to print only Printed or Non Printed Bills in Invoice Summary: Now you can get the details of Printed or Non Printed invoices in Invoice Summary option available in Sales menu.
11. Option to print Customer’s Current Balances in Sales Challan:  
            Now you can also print Customer’s Current Balance in Sales Challan.
12. Option to print all Sales Invoices of a Sales Person: Now you can print all Sales Invoices of a particular sales person with date range selection option. Option to define Sales Person code & date range is given in Printing Parameters that appears when  you press Alt-P keys to print any sales invoice.
13. Option to print Payment Received Date in Payment Status Bills: Now you can also print Payment Received date in Sales-> Payment Status of Bills option. To print the same please select “Y” on Print Payment received Date after pressing Ctrl+P keys. This is a very useful option where sales person wise bills are created in cash & cash is collected by the sales person at the time of delivering the goods.
14.Option to enter Remarks in Receipt Entry: Now you can also enter the Remarks in Receipt Entry.
15.Option to lock Sales Invoice No. & Date: Now it will not allow to change Invoice No. & Date in data entry operator mode. Now due to this lock users with data entry operator mode will not be able to make invoices in back date.
16.New Variables to print Pan No. & TDS No. in Sales Invoice: Now you can print PAN & TDS No. using mpanno, mtdsacno variables in sales invoice .  
17. Multi Sales Person selection in Check List: Now you can get the check list of multiple sales persons. For this multi selection option is given in Sales->Check List option.
18. Showing Total Value of Pending Packing Slip/Challan: Now while converting pending Packing Slip/Challan to Invoices, it will also show the total value of pending packing slip/challan so that you can have an idea of the total value of the goods issued  to a particular party.
19.Show Net Rate while making Sales Invoice: Now if you want to show Net Rate in Sales Invoice while making Sales Invoice than please Select “Y” in “System->System Parameters->Default Values-> Show Net Rate” option.
20. Option to Re-Print Back Date Statement Of Bills: Now you can also print the previous statement which you have already given to your client. For this option Please enter “N” in “Generate New Statement” for print old Statement of Bills at the time of generating Statement of Bills report.
21.Showing Customer Station in Packing Slip Challan windows:  Now while converting Packing Slip/Challan to Sales Invoice, it will also show the Station of the party in the Customer List.
22. Option to Auto Select Last Sales Person Code in Sales Invoice: Now while making sales invoice in can carry forward the sales person defined in the previous sales invoice. To activate this option please select “Y” in System->System Parameters-> Other-> Sales Person C/f” (Question No. 16).
23. Option to Export Sales for AWACS: Now you can Export your Sales Data to AWACS. In this version this option is add in Dos Version as per Windows Version.
24. Option to Export Sales (Rural) for AWACS: Now you can Export your Rural Transaction Data to AWACS. In this version this option is add in Dos Version as per Windows Version.
25.Option to see Last Purchase/Sales Details in Purchase Order Form: Now while creating purchase order, you can check Last Purchase/Sales details using F12 & F6 keys in Purchase Order Form.
26.Option to enter Free Qty. in Auto Create Purchase Order: Now in Purchase Order you can also feed the Product scheme in Free Qty. column after entering the Purchase Qty while auto generating order in Purchase Order.
27.Option to show Supplier Name/Station on Purchase Order Table: Now provide you can use F12 key in Purchase Order List to see  Supplier Name & Station.
28.Option to show Product Current Balance in Purchase Order : Now while making purchase order, it will also show you the Product’s Current Balance at the bottom.
29. Provide a shortcut Key for Purchase Order: Now you can activate Purchase Order by Ctrl+F2 keys from any where in the program to enter the purchase order for any product.
30.Option to print G.R. No. & Transport Name in Return to Supplier: Now you can print the G.R. No. & Transport Name in Return to Supplier Note. This option is available in Auto Generated Invoice Format.
31. Auto Create option for Company wise Hold & Release option: Now you can generate Hold & Release entry Company wise. For this option while creating Hold & Release entry, it will ask Category, Company & Product List for selection.
32.Last Year Cr./Dr. Note not editable in Current Year: Now it will not allow you to edit those Cr./Dr./Return to Supplier Notes that are transferred from last year to current year.
33. Valuation Option in Dump Stock Report: In Dump Stock report now you can also get the valuation of stock along with the quantity. For this rate selection option has been given. Option to select group, product & category is also added in the report.
34.Showing Principal Code in Group Customer Bill Wise Report: Now it will also show you the Principal Code in Reports->Sales Reports->Group Customer Bill wise Report.
35.Option to Create Default Sales/Purchase Register as per Tax Types: Now while creating a new Firm it will automatically create Sales/Purchase Registers & Sales Summary as per the given Tax Types.
36.Showing Exp. Date in Product Query: Now in Product Query you can also check the Product’s Expiry Date in bottom line when you enter Product’s Receipts & Product’s Issue detail window.
37.Option to check Printed/Non Printed Bills in Daily Report: Now in daily report you will also be able to check Printed/Non Printed invoices. It will show you the number of invoices that are printed & non printed.
38.Option to check Product Bill wise given Scheme, Discount & Free Qty.: Now you can get the complete details of issued Schemes/Free Qty. & Discounts from Sales Discount Summary option available in Reports->Sales Reports menu.
39.Changes in Sales Reports: Now you can also Select & Print Category Wise Sales Reports from all Sales Reports menu. For this option Given Category Selection option in Sales Reports.
40.New Report added in Sales Report for Posting A/c wise: A new report is added in Sales Reports to check the Posting A/c (defined in customer master) wise Sales. For this option please select  “Posting A/c Product wise” option in Reports->Sales Reports menu. 
41.Category Wise Current Stock report: A new report is added in Inventory Reports menu to check the Category Product wise current stock. To get the same please select “Current Stock (Category Wise)” option in Reports->Inventory Details option.
42.Multi selection series available when Export Data in Tally: Now you can Export multiple Vouchers while Exporting Data to Tally. For this option Voucher series selection option is being given.
43.Option to Transfer Cheque Book List in new Financial Year: Now in this version all pending Cheques will be transferred to new year after Closing Financial Year.
44.Option to Transfer Form in new Financial Year: Now in this version all pending Form information will be transferred to new year after Closing Financial Year.
45.USB Printer & Node Printer Setting: If you working on lan & printer attached on Node & Purchase any new printer of USB Port, then In this new version you can set the Printer Setting through NET USE command. For this setting please enter your USB Port setting in Accounts->System->System Parameters-> Set Net Use LPT Port option & save the system parameters, after that Run NET Use Command for LPT through Accounts->Systems Menu.
46.New VAT form 10 A for Rajasthan: New VAT Form 10 for Rajasthan is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form VAT 10 A (New 2012) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Rajasthan) menu. 
47.New VAT form 10 for Rajasthan: New VAT Form 10 for Rajasthan is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form VAT 10 (New 2012) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Rajasthan) menu. 
48.New VAT form 11 for Rajasthan: New VAT Form 11 for Rajasthan is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form VAT 11 (New 2012) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Rajasthan) menu.
49.Option to Add free quantity value in All Rajasthan Vat Forms: New provide the option ‘Include Free qty Value (VAT)’ in all Rajasthan VAT Forms (7,7A,8,8A,10,10A,11).
New VAT Form D-XI (Purchase) for Bihar: New VAT Form D-XI (Purchase) for Bihar is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form D-XI (Purchase) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Others) menu.
51. New VAT Form 11 New for Jammu & Kashmir: New VAT Form 11 (New) for J&K is now available in this new version. You can get the same using Form Vat 11 New (JK) option from Reports->VAT Forms->VAT Form (Others) menu.
52. E-Milan 2: You will be glad to know that AIOCD AWACS is coming up with a new project where the retailers will be able to upload their purchase order online using CROSS and wholesalers will be able to download the orders in Unisolve. The orders will be converted to Sales Invoices automatically and uploaded on web. Retailers will be able to download their invoices from the web in to CROSS.
E-Milan 2 project will save time required for data entry, will reduce the errors in data entry and will also enhance the delivery time  of goods.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Changes in Unisolve 11.1

  1. F10 key in Narration of Voucher Header to select Standard Narration from Narration Master
  2. New columns - username, time and printed column on Receipt Entry browser.
  3. Cursor on Product name or code in all transactions except return based on System Default.
  4. Round off option, by default is 'Y' when create a New Company Informatio
  5. Increased other adjustment amount width in Purchase Invoice.
  6. Showing net amount along with Customer - Station name on Sales browser when F12 key.
  7. Third type Invoice is considered in Daily Report in all Sales Option.
  8. Opening qty and opening free qty is coming from BHPART in Stock Valuation of Last Year & Current Year after close financial year.(Now it is considered BHpart for Opening Scheme).
  9. Option to print Generic wise Price list in User Define Price List.
  10. Price List (Generic) in Reports->Price List option.
  11. User define format for Stock Location Transfer.
  12. Last purchase date from last year data in Sales & Stock Statement.
  13. Facility to change Master Group Code from System-> Facility->Product->Change Master Group Code. option.
  14. Option to print Title (using F2 key) in Statement of Bill.
  15. Print Proper Group Name above Product details in Sales & Stock Statement.
  16. Consider Entry Date instead of System Date in Collect Breakage Expiry option (Godown Breakage.)
  17. Export the Account Voucher with TRN Files and also Import the same in another Location.
  18. Option to issue all blank cheque to one party when received the cheque book from Bank option.
  19. Facility to print balance of 'CASH' A/c Debit, Credit and All in Inquire Transaction Under F3 Details using CTRL_P key. Useful to find out negative cash balance dates.
  20. Provide the option to find out the voucher details of above any user defined amount of CASH Payment in daily report. Useful to find cash payment above Rs. 20000.00
  21. System will ask for Check Corruption option when Upgrade the version.
  22. Option to print Balance Sheet in T format in Balance Sheet (New) option.
  23. Option to feed Issue Date, Place, Party Name and Designation in TDS FORM Entry.
  24. Option to print TDS Register using ALT_P option on TDS Payment Browser.
  25. Option to select Default Tax Type in Header Information In Cr. Dr. Note/Replacement Note/Return To Supplier options.
  26. Print Group Name instead of group Code in Print Master Discount Details.
  27. Showing Master Scheme in Purchase Order Form.
  28. Multi Selection Facility of Master Group Then it's Sub Group and it's Product in Product/Party Wise Breakage/Expiry/Return Report.
  29. Option to multi selection facility of Master group then it's Sub Group and it's product in{Report in Party/Product wise Breakaage/Expiry/Return Wise Report.
  30. Option to generate user define format for printing of Receipt detail.
  31. Option in System->Facility->Product->Change Product Rate to select Master Group, Group and Product in Change Sales Rate option when Report Style is 'Product Wise' in System Default.
  32. Facility for Alert Message in Case of again enter same product in Invoice/Return/Challan.
  33. Selection facility of Master Group/Group/Product Name in Location Wise Reports.
  34. Option to Transfer All Stock from One Location to Another Location with selection Facility Master Group/Group/ Product From Adjustment-> Stock Transfer (Group) option.
  35. Option in System Parameter->Other ->15. Msg For Hold Qty For Show Hold Qty Message when stock not available in Sales Invoice.
  36. Provide Net Rate with Tax in ALT_F8 Keys in Sales & Purchase Invoice.
  37. Showing the Proper Invoice No, Date and Batch Info Sales & Purchase History using F6 & F12 Keys in all Transaction.
  38. Option to Print Details Group->Product Wise in Stock Report option.
  39. Solved the problem of printing MFG date instead of Stock Date in Sales Invoice.
  40. Option Schedule Wise->Account->Month Wise A/c Details option To access the Entry level From Schedule using option Account -> Statement-> Account Statement (Schedule Wise).
  41. Cheque Window automatically open on Cheque No in PDC Issue option.
  42. Customer Master is not deleted when Opening Balance exists in Accoun
  43. Supplier Master is not deleted when Opening Balance exists in Account
  44. Selection facility to delete master data.
  45. Option to update Discontinued Date in All Product Using>Facility->Update Discontinued Date(Product) option.
  46. Selection facility of Customer in Bill Wise Comm. Detail Report From Analysis->Sales Person Wise Sales option.
  47. Purchase Invoice details in Purchase History and Supplier Query option.
  48. Option to feed Other Adjustment amount in 'Transfer In' option.
  49. Provide the ALT_O Key for Check Supplier Wise Outstanding in Purchase Invoice.
  50. Rebate and Interest amount in party ledger when entered in the Receipt Entry
  51. Option to get the scheme detail with Excess & Short of Scheme Master in Daily Report.
  52. Provide the log view in Account for Check Voucher Information in Account-> System-> View Log option.
  53. Provide the option From date in Report->Outstanding Report->Due Bill Option.
  54. Showing the proper packing slip detail in Sales history after using F6 key.
  55. Product linking for import purchase invoice - ‘PDLink’ option also check Packing.
  56. Standard narration come automatically in Voucher Entry from Narration Master if exist Narration for Particular Voucher Type and Account
  57. Facility to entered Dump Items Days in Sales & Stock Statement.
  58. Print 'Only' after Print Amount in words in Receipt Entry
  59. Option to select Rate for Valuation in Location Wise Stock Report.
  60. Solved the problem of New Product List after close the financial Year Now this report consider the last year stock file if no Transaction exist In current year.
  61. Provide the transaction name on warning message when delete the tax type
  62. Provide the Category Master for Margins for Sales, Trade and Inst. Rate From System->Master Data->Product->Category Master.
  63. Facility to Enter Category in Product Master to set the Margin according to Category.
  64. Margin Calculation for Sales, Trade and Inst. Rate in Base of Purchase Rate in Purchase Invoice and Transfer-In Entry. if the Product Margin is Zero then it will calculate on Old Method According Change MRP Ratio
  65. Under line will be printed in Format of Wholesales Invoice in case of if product is converted from Sales Challan.
  66. Selection facility for Location in Purchase Invoice & Challan Details.
  67. Opening Stock & Net Rate is Not editable in case of Transfer batch from Last Year when modified Product Information.
  68. Last Batch No are not showing in the time of feeding Purchase Invoice In Current Year.
  69. Option to select Qty/Value option to get Top Analysis of Product Wise Sales Report.
  70. Provided Net Sale & Net Purchase rate in Rate & Stock Query using ALT_F3 option.
  71. Provided Purchase Invoice No & Due Date while adjusting purchase in PDC Issue Option.
  72. New report for check Cheque Dishonored from Account->Cheque Dishonored List option.
  73. Option for Rate selection for NET Rate in Free Qty Details and Free Qty Statement Reports.
  74. Option to Update Near Expiry & Expired Product with Batch Details in Near Expiry Table in System->System Maintenance->System Parameter 'Other'->Auto Update Expiry option.
  75. Provide the option to print location wise stock details in Stock Valuation option.
  76. VAT amount is not asked by System in case of add new Purchase Invoice. Old Vat Amount is editable in case of modify the Invoice.
  77. Option to Change Group Code width in System Parameter. And Tax Code Width Account Name Width in Account ->System Parameters.
  78. Show properly the Customer Name in Product Query in case of Issue Replacement Qty in Replacement note.
  79. Now provide the option to 'Show Near Expiry/Expired' in USER Master for same in Sales Invoice.
  80. Now showing Near Expiry/Expired product details in the timing of Sales Invoice after using Point No.79
  81. Provide the option in System-> Facilities-> Update Expiry Message to update expired and near expiry product detail for display in Sales Invoice.
  82. Provide the option in System->System Parameter->Other->Auto Update Expiry for Auto update Expired and Near Expiry batch Detail and it will auto update on every dated 1st and 16th of the month.
  83. Now provide the display Net Value (SaleRate-DiscAmt+TaxAmt) of Product in display ALT_F8 key.
  84. F2 Key on ALT_F8 key for Enter New Sale Rate with Tax for product in Sales Invoice.
  85. Option to Less Return's of Qty & values of Following Reports    a) Group Wise Sales Report. b) Group Customer Wise Sales Report. c) Product Wise Sales Report.      d) Product-Customer Wise Sales Report.  e) Customer Wise Sales Report.   f) Customer-Product Sales Report.   g) Customer-Group Wise Sales Report.
  86. Option to print product details in Bill Wise in Profit Analysis Report.
  87. Expired Bach file EXBATCH is also updated when user use 'Auto Create Godown Expiry' in Godown Expiry option.
  88. Solved the problem discount not take automatically in packing slip in case of Product Discount is not editable in System Parameter.
  89. Option 'Get Entry Level' to Access VAT Summary Detail up to Invoice Level in Vat Summary (Standart) Under Report->Vat Report option.
  90. New A/c Schedule 'LOAN (LIABILITY)' for Secure Loan and Loan to import the data in Tally ERP version 9.1
  91. Sales Person Code come automatically when 'Customer List Filter by Sales Person' in Wholesale Invoice.
  92. Supplier Ledger like Party Ledger in Books/Form Details
  93. Option to calculate rate's with margin in the time of import Purchase Invoice.
  94. Batch Scheme update in BHPART in case of Free Qty is zero and Scheme given in %.
  95. Cash Book Properly Print (Single Entry) in case of Sales Invoice is not create with R/o Amount.
  96. Last Order No. & Date details in Current Stock Detail window the time of Purchase Order.
  97. Month and Date level entry screen in Balance Sheet (new) option.
  98. Provide the Key to change the date to check records of upto Date in Balance Sheet (New) and Account Statement (Schedule Wise) options.
  99. Option 'Print Including Sub Ledger' to Print Sub Ledgers at the time of printing 'General Ledger'.
  100. Store the company information in Sales & Stock Statement in case generate CSV file for export to MSR etc
  101. System can auto send the daily report by send Mail facility in case of use Every day option in the Mail Schedule.
  102. New option to show summary of CASH wholesale Invoice in Cash Book of a one day in case of Date wise Bill Posting option in System Default.
  103. New Batch also import from last year when use the option Import Product Op. Balance option

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SWIL office address

Google places may help you locate our office:

Softworld (India) Pvt. Ltd.
21, Sunder Market, Near SMS Hospital
Sawai Ramsingh Road
Jaipur 302004

Monday, July 12, 2010

Expected changes in Unisolve 10.2

1. Return and Breakage Parameter are saved in (F6/F12 Key) Product History option.
2. Now provide the option to Consider Min Stock Level days Sales and consider Sales of Last Days in Generating Reorder report.
3. Now Provide the option to Less the Sales Return in following Profit Margin Reports :-
a. Date Wise.
b. Bill Wise.
c. Customer date wise.
d. Customer bill wise.
e. Product date wise.
f. Product Wise.
g. Group Wise.
h. Master Group Wise.
4. Now Provide the option in System Default->Other 'Cursor Focus on First Time in Wholesales' under System->System Parameters Menu for direct come cursor
on Product name in Wholesales Invoice.
5. Now Provide the option to 'Lock Header Disc. In Inv' under EDIT CONTROL in System Parameters for Distribution/Transfer Out/III Type Invoice.
6. Provide the option 11. 'Display Last 3 Purchase' Under OTHER in System default to Check Last 3 Purchase details in Purchase, Challan, Order and
Transfer IN option.
7. Provide the variable mSPCOMM to print Sales Person Commission in Wholesale/Distribution Invoices.
8. Provide the Facility to Change Shelf Id of Products in System->Facility->Change Shelf No in Product.
9. Provide the option to Cancel Packing Slip Challan. To use please select ALT_R and press 'N' then system asked for Cancel the Packing Slip.
10.Provide the NET Amount column on Hold & Release Browser Windows.
11.Now Print the Vendor Inv. No and Purchase Entry No in Supplier Query.
12.Now Store the Message of Purchase Invoice in CSVMSG.DBF when Import Purchase from CSV file.
13.Provide the array variable name is mCSVMSG to print CSV Message in Purchase Invoice.
14.Provide the F11 Key in Purchase Invoice to check CSV message.
15.Provide the Following Keys in Sales Return
F4 -> Group Wise Discount
ALT-F4 -> Company Wise Rate Hike
CTRL-F4 -> Change Net Disc. By Gross Disc.
SHIFT-F4 -> Company Wise Lot Discount.
16.Provide the Following Keys in Purchase Return
F4 -> Group Wise Discount
ALT-F4 -> Company Wise Rate Hike
CTRL-F4 -> Change Net Disc. By Gross Disc.
SHIFT-F4 -> Company Wise Lot Discount.
17.Provide the option Sales Export Under Sales Menu.
18.Now Current Qty Always display in Sales Invoice when Qty Width change with 6 in System Default.
19.Now provide the option to collect self expired batch in 'Go down Breakage / Exp' option in Adjustment Menu.
20.Now provide the facility to entered Mobile nos. and Email Id in following
a) Customer Master
b) Supplier Master
c) Sales Person
d) MSR Information
e) DM Information
f) User Master
21.Now provide the facility to show purchase scheme of Batch which are received in Purchase Invoice and it will also showing after close financial year.
22.Now Provide the facility of Entered Purchase Tax in Header of Purchase and Transfer IN Entries.
23.Now Sales Series Will be showing according to System Default in Report->Book From Details->Party Ledger.
24.Now update product tax type in Batch Master when received new batch in
Sales Return.
25.Now Add ITC Details in VAT Reports which are create ALT_I in Sales Invoice.
26.Now Provide the ALT_I Key for update Input Tax Credit Details in Sales
27.Now provide the variables of Input Vat Credit for mITCTaxable,mITCAmt,mITCTaxPay and mITCDTaxable,mITCDTaxAmt for Details Variable in sales
28.Now provide the facility of entering scheme master in System->Master Data->Discount Master for Sales and Sales Return.
29.Now properly pick discount rate from discount master according to Party payment which is select in packing slip.
30.Now provide the new option to 'Export Purchase Order (CSV)' under Purchase Menu.
31.Provide the facility to auto generate voucher under ACCOUNT->Transaction-> Voucher Template option.
32.Provide the facility of Delete following Master In System->Facility-> Delete Non Transaction Master option.
a) Product Master
b) Master Group
c) Group
d) Customer Master
e) Supplier Master
f) Account Master
g) Principal
33.Now provide the received cheque Facility in Account->Transaction->Receive cheque. for Bank
34.Now display Station Name in all browser screen with help of Press F12 key
35.Now display Group Name on Product Master browse with Help of Press F12 Key
36.Now Sales Person wise all commission Reports are consider Partly Payment
37.Now provide the two new Sales report for 'Batch to Print' if option 'With List' is 'Y' in System Default
a) Dr. Product Wise Sale
b) Dr. Customer/Product Wise Sales
38.Now Provide the option to Print Adjustment details [F2] in Voucher Printing.
39.Now provide the Purchase report Product Wise in Reports->Purchase Report.
40.Add new option in System->Facility->Product->New Product List to find new Product detail as on or after date
41.Add new option in System->Facility->Customer->New Customer List to find new Customer detail as on or after date
42.Provide the option to 'C/f Unpaid Bill of Sales Person' in System Default in OTHER Tag.
43.Now also show last year unpaid bill of sales person in 'Payment status of bill' in Sales Menu option, when Question No 10 is 'Y' in OTHER Tab
in System Default.
44.Now provide the option 'Transfer Unpaid Bills of Sales Person' in Close Financial Year option. This option is showing when Question No 10 is 'Y'
in OTHER Tab in System Default.
45.Now provide the report in Analysis-> Sales Person Wise Sales-> Sales Person Bill Status of Last Year when Question no 10 is 'Y' in OTHER Tab in.
System Default.
46.Provide the Cheque List of receiving the cheque from Bank.
47.Add new option for Issue PDC Cheque in Account->Transaction->PDC Issue
48.Add new option for Clear PDC Cheque in Account->Transaction->PDC Clear
49.Add new option for check pending PDC Issue details.
50.Provide the new option 'Daily Sales Report' in Daily Report.
51.Provide the new option 'Daily Collection/Payment/Cash & Bank Balance' in Daily Sales Report.
52.Provie the rate selection facility in Report->Sales Report->MR/Product Wise Sales report.
53.Now Party Name is always display in Product Query when Select Issue and Receipt.
54.Now provide the facility of re-entered Re-Order qty when generating order in Purchase Order.
55.Now provide the working keys of CTRL_U for unselect all product, CTRL_I revert the product status, '*' select all Product in Re-Order when generating order
in Purchase Order.
56.Now Display always Net Sale Rate and Net Purchase Rate in All Sales Invoice Footer Part
57.Now Provide the F12 Key on Account Browser for display account address.
58.Provide the facility of create ‘CSV’ file for Credit/Debit Note, Replacement Note and Purchase Return in case of maintain HISTORY option.
59.Provide the facility of Import Return To Supplier CSV into Credit Debit Note in case of maintain HISTORY option
60.Now Purchase Rate and Excise duty are editable in Purchase challan.
61.Now Solved the problem Sales Return entry not showing in sales invoice which are converted from packing challan in case of return product amount
is grater then Packing slip Net Amount.
62.Provide new report of Sales of Top Customer in Analysis->Top Analysis-> Top Sales Customer
63.Provide new report of Collection of Top Customer in Analysis->Top Analysis ->Top Collection Customer
64.Provide new report of Purchase of Top Supplier in Analysis->Top Analysis-> Top Purchase Supplier
65.Provide new report of Payment of Top Supplier in Analysis->Top Analysis ->Top Payment Supplier
66.Provide new report of Sales of Top Product in Analysis->Top Analysis ->Top Product Sales.
67.Now provide the option in Invoice Summary to print Master Group Wise report
68.Now provide the option Page Wise Printing in Report->Sales Report->Customer-Product Wise Sales
69.Now Provide the option to 'Show Message for Different Tax Type' in System Default for check purchase tax type in the timing of Sales Invoice and
Sales Challan.
70.Now provide the facility of selection Master Group then Group in Sales & Stock statement.
71.Provide the variable 'SHORTPDQTY' to print short item quantity in Sale Invoice.
72.Provide the variable 'TaxString, VTaxString, RTaxString, CTaxString, ETaxString' for print tax wise details like Sales in Purchase Invoice.
73.Now Party code and Posting Ac is different when Party Name also display in Account Statement.
74.Now provide the option to print Supplier Name and address in Reports-> Expiry Breakage/Return-> Near Expiry Goods.
75.Now Expiry Date properly export in csv file and Import the same file properly in Purchase Invoice.
76.Now Provide the option in Reorder/Auto Reorder Report to Consider Hold Qty in Product Current Stock.
77.Now provide the option 'Display Last 3 in Sales ' in System Parameters->Others to Show last 3 record of Sales in Sales Invoice
78.Now Provide the facility of Interest calculation of Bank A/c from Bank Reconciliation option.
79.Now Provide the option to enter Standard Discount in Daily report.
80.Now Group Wise total and Discount% are coming in Daily report previously, it come Detail Entry Wise if discount and group are same in the Sales
81.Now provide the New Form CST 1 for Bihar under VAT FORM->VAT Form (Other) Option.
82.Now provide the option to selection Schedule in printing of Discount Master print.
83.Now when save System Parameters then create backup file of System Default with Name Principal code +'US'+Current Date
84.Now Product-Customer Wise and Customer-Product Wise Sales Report are Matched In case Include Challan Qty
85.Now Provide the Default Format for Pre-Printed Stationary of Packing Slip
86.Now Provide the Default Format for Pre-Printed Stationary of Credit-Debit Note and Return To Supplier.
87.Now Lot Discount showing in % in Purchase invoice.
88.Solved the problem showing error 'Create Error :' when Printing direct sent to Printer using 'Store in File' and file with LPT.
89.Provide the VAT Computation Report in VAT Forms->VAT Reports.
90.Provide the VAT Account Summary Report in VAT Forms->VAT Reports.
91.Provide the CTRL_F4 key on Free Qty Column for Enter Master Scheme In Purchase Invoice.
92.Provide the CTRL_F4 key on Free Qty Column for Enter Master Scheme In Purchase Challan.
93.Provide the facility to find MRP wise Product details in System->Facility->Product->Find MRP Wise Products option.
94.Provide the option to print Product List MRP Wise in Report->Inventory Menu.
95 Now Provide the 'Add Unpaid Cash Bill in O/S Msg' in System Parameters Under EDIT CONTROL for consider Unpaid Cash Bill In Outstanding Message.
96.Provide the option to Repost PDC Entry in System->System Maintenance->Repost->PDC Entry.
97.Provide the option 'Update Scheme for Sales' to update Purchase Master Scheme in Scheme Master for Sales invoice in System->System Maintenance->System
Parameters under 'OTHER' in Purchase Invoice or Purchase Challan.
98.Now Print the No of Bill in VAT Sales/Purchase Register.
99.Now Provide the facility of print Product Name wise Sorted in Sales Invoice Credit Debit Note, Purchase Invoice.
100.Now Provide the facility of variable ‘sorteditem’ and ‘sortedby’ with 'T/P/G/TP/GP' In Printing of Packing Slip.
101.Now ALT_A, ALT_M options are locked from Product Query, Customer Query, Stock Query, Supplier Query and Transaction Query when Menu Lock by F10
key in ‘Superuser’ mode and working with Data Entry Mode.
102.Now Provide the F3 Key for Display Group Discount in Group Master and also provide the facility to copy discount structure for other group in the same
windows using F5 key.
103.Now Provide the option to create Master group wise customer discount option From System->Facility->Product->Create Master Group Disc.
104.Now Provide the option 'Receive Form' in 'Declaration Form' menu option under Reports Menu.
105.Now Provide the option 'Issue Form' in 'Declaration Form' menu option under Reports Menu.
106.Now Provide the option 'Form Register' in 'Declaration Form menu option' option under Reports Menu.
107.Now Less discount Amount in all VAT forms.

108.Now Daily, Hard disk backup are working properly on XP machine.
109.Now Provide the option to take Auto Backup when select company information.
110.Now Provide the option to Run Indexing & Structure Verify Option for All Principal Company in one Time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Software for Pharmaceutical Distributors

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